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Education has been the primary focus of my work in particular the horse-rider-coach triad. As the first in the world to embed academic horse training within a university, l am now working to develop the correct use of learning theory by veterinarians, coaches, and performance riders to enhance performance and welfare.

In 2004 I became a student of Dr Andrew McLean and by 2005 had led an Equine Higher Education team through the successful validation of three new degrees delivering; behaviour, training and coaching modules with learning theory embedded.

As the former International Society for Equitation Science Education Officer (2008-2012) I was the main point of contact for universities and colleges. At the ISES conferences; 2007, 2008 and 2009 l presented research in coaching the coaches learning theory in equitation, and by 2010 had set up EquiSci to dedicate more time to helping horses and riders globally.

I now spend most of my work delivering clinics throughout the UK and Europe training riders to be safe, effective and ethical. I hold the ESI Associate Diploma, are the AEBC online tutor to the ESI Certificate and clinic organiser for Andrew McLean in the UK.

I train all levels, ages, and stages of ability, with equestrian publication ‘Your Horse’ (April 2012 issue) demonstrating the AEBC and my work as ‘brain training for horses’ below:

Here’s what a few people say about Lisa…

“Lisa’s pioneering spirit and boundless enthusiasm for equitation science mark her out as one of the great champions of the horse.” - Professor Paul McGreevy, Australia 2012.

“Lisa is one of the most passionate people I know regarding her work and Equitation Science… her enthusiasm and expertise enlightened me…I have learnt a lot from Lisa and would not hesitate to recommend her!” - Alexandra Sprason, BSc (Hons) Equine Sports Science, Lichfield, UK

“I have known Lisa since 2001. We worked together in an educational institution and I regarded her as a friend and mentor during this time and ever since. I have followd Lisa’s equitaiton science journey from day 1 when she had just finished “The Truth About Horses” by Dr Andrew McLean, to now, Andrew is Lisa’s mentor and close friend. I remember vividly how she embraced learning theory in its infancy to ensure training horses at all levels was safe, ethical, and reproducible, which became the pinnacle of all her work – improving horse welfare and well-being.”

“Lisa’s delivery is professional, approachable; she is knowledgeable and passionate, ensuring riders are educated in evidenced based principles (ISES, 2010) to achieve results that are ethical, sustainable and which work!” - Claire Dempsey, Telford, UK

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