Our Horse’s Heroes

Lisa in the middle training the Blue Cross Rollaston Team

On a cold November evening, 40 plus local horse owners attended Lisa’s Horse Training Made Simple! workshop at the Blue Cross, Burford, all funds in aid of the Blue Cross.  Lisa opened the evening by discussing the importance of knowing your horse.  All horses are motivated by friends, forage and freedom. Combined with understanding your horse’s mental processes, Lisa clarified observing actual behaviour your horse presents versus labels, which we all find our selves at times attaching to our four legged friends- lazy, keen, cheeky, stubborn, and naughty. The interval lived up to Blue Cross hospitality expectations. Exquisite cake baked by a very talented Blue Cross ‘mum’ perfectly accompanied with a glass of mulled wine, all served by the hands of the hard working and dedicated Blue Cross equine team, in between discussing their own training journeys with their Blue Cross horses…

Second half blitzed how horses learn. Lisa explained how to understand behaviour, through the lens of the horse. Knowing the important part of behavioural change to the horse is not your aids. Its not even their behaviour. Its the consequence to your horse for their behaviour.  Work that out and you will quickly learn how to train your horse so he/she is more likely to…. be caught….move towards you to mount at the mounting block (or stand still!) maintain rhythm around a course of show jumps… load into a small, confined space…even deleting biting! Removing something aversive and/or adding something attractive makes it more likely for your horse to keep doing the behaviour…

With lots and lots of examples of how to use this knowledge to change your horses behaviour, everyone went home with a ‘training tool’ they could do that next morning to instantly make their horses feel good about them.  This was a rare evening for owners to get to ask questions about their horses behaviour, most importantly, how to go about changing their own and that of their horse’s behaviour.

A massive thank you to all those that faced the cold and came,  making the evening such a fun night of learning, all in honour of our horse’s heroes – the Blue Cross. The charity is leading the way in the application of evidence-based horse training knowledge, because they are committed and dedicated to giving all horses an optimal environment to grow and thrive. Sadly there are far too many horses waiting for their help. If you can support in any small or big way please contact Vicki Alford, Burford Centre Manager at vicki.alford@bluecross.org.uk or Catherine Read, Rolleston, Derbyshire at catherine.read@Bluecross.org.uk – they really do have some cracking horses that need your love and training!

Want to learn more about how horses learn and what you can do to solve your training problems, book on a 2017 EquiSci clinic at Blue Cross Burford on the following dates.

For more information email Lisa at lisa@equitationscience.co.uk

14th Dec

8th Feb

8th March

19th April

10th May

14th June

26th July

£50 @45mins – In-hand, Flat or jump or combination.

Book all seven clinics by 1st December secured with a 50% non refundable deposit and receive your 7th lesson free.



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