EquiSci Education

I have many years of experience in the Education sector and proud to have trained many students in the newly emerged field of Equitation Science as well as being the Education Officer for the International Society for Equitation Science (2008-2012).

I support Universities and Colleges, bridging the gap between equitation science and practice through fun, interactive and educational lectures, demonstrations and workshops throughout the UK.  Universities and Colleges I work with include:  Myerscough College, Nottingham Trent University (Brackenhurst), College of West Anglia, Northop College, Sparsholt College, Warwickshire College, South Staffordshire College and University of Edinburgh.  If you are a University or College I offer lectures, workshops, demonstrations and lessons to support and deliver your module learning outcomes and assessments.

As an academic and equine practitioner, l have produced equitation science papers in education at the International Society for Equitation Science Conferences in; Michigan 2007, Dublin 2008, Sydney 2009 and Sweden 2010.

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