Winning or Learning

Winning Or Learning1

As I write this blog, the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics Games have just boomed around the world. Feeling as I thought I would; inspired, excited and hopeful for all the athletes, I have a deeper appreciation and value of the sacrifice and struggle than I did 3 months ago. For me every athlete, horse and human are winners. They took action.  They trained when others chose not to, they did that extra mile, lap, rep or depth of a learnt response, – when no one was watching. They achieved their destination – the Rio Olympic Games.

My personal sacrifice and struggles along my own ‘Road to Rio’ started 3 months ago. I set myself the challenge before the start of the Olympics to ‘be the best version of me’.  With the help of a personal trainer and the support of my family I have struggled to ‘mountain climb, burpee and superman’ my way to a fitter, healthier me.  I have sacrificed precious time with family and friends, good wine and amazing food. So why would I do it all again in a blink of an eye? I have learnt way more about me, who I am, because of these sacrifices.  Ive surprised myself with my different strategies, some creative, some teaching me I am more resilient then I thought I was, mostly I have learnt I need to challenge myself to grow. If I want to be the best I can be, I have to change. Grow. Mentally and physically.  Yes I love that endorphin rush from nailing another rep of ‘plank punch’s’ or a faster, stronger hill sprint, but my struggles, not my achievements, have had what I think is longer lasting change, my lessons have changed me forever.

‘Lisa’s Lessons’

  • I like the feeling of progress. It keeps me motivated to do the next training session. Pain, during training (which I have never known before) is there for a reason. To teach me progress.
  • Passion drives me. To be the best I can be has made me stronger than I ever thought I capable of.
  • Living my passion.  Fulfils me with energy.  Training sets me up for the day. Changes my mindset to one that is all about action for the rest of the day.

So enjoy the Olympics folks, enjoy knowing each athlete has made unthinkable sacrifices to some of us, faced unimaginable struggles, to be what you are about to witness, an Olympian.  They are the winners of the games.  Use their achievement to compete at the games to inspire and drive your next goal.

I now have a new journey ahead of me and I cant wait! I will be blogging on my new business website weekly.  But for now rest assured for the next 2 weeks I will be drawing inspiration from 2pm everyday, using the Olympic feel great factor to kick start my new goals and be the change I want to see.

See you all in my new blog “Lisa’s Latest” on website…

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