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 How will I benefit from training with Equitation Science Principles and Practices? 


Clarity of communication. Remove any confusion, misunderstanding or conflict behaviour by training exclusivity and lightness of your aids, optimising your safety and your horse's mental and physical well-being. 

Behavioural Change. Train more of what you do want, understanding the difference between forced and learnt behaviours, benchmarking relaxation throughout your horsemanship; competitions, hacking, veterinary interventions, traveling, foundation training and coaching.

Assess and Change Your Horse's Emotions. Learn how to improve your horse's experiences, ensuring you and your horse enjoy a good life, rather than one that is just worth living. 

Being The Change Your Horse Needs 

Vicki Alford

Blue Cross, Burford

 Horse Unit Manager

Bringing Lisa into my amazing Blue Cross team has been one of the best things I have done in a long time for so many reasons. In the years I have worked for the Blue Cross the ‘type’ of horses we now help are so different to those privately ...

Katy Robson

HE Equine Lecturer

Sparsholt College

Just had to write to you and let you know how things are going since my lesson last week. I have worked with Harry twice since then and much progress already and responses are better but the biggest ...

Charlotte Launder

The Horse Trust

I thought the training was very productive. Having a theory session first worked really well as an introduction and the length of time was perfect so not to get too bogged down with information. The questions that were embedded within the ...



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