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Lisa's Lens

November 2, 2018

Why laterality training for horses?

What do horses feel like before they start laterality training? 

  • Curved straight lines.

  • Delayed response to your aids/signals

  • Rider direction bias "...because my horse finds it easier on this rein..."


October 1, 2018

Not dogma.

Not opinion. 

Not laboratory research.

Just evidence-based equitation.

What is Evidence-Based Equitation (EBE)?

Similar to Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) which became a movement in the early 1990's to understand the use of published evidence, EBM recognises limita...

September 25, 2018

Prosecco & Ponies 

I am currently in the air, flying back to England with a brain 'brimming' with new ideas, knowledge and inspiration after the 14th ISES conference in Rome, Italy. Congratulations to the Local Organising Committee for creating, I believe, a divers...

September 11, 2018

Learn the latest from Dr Andrew & Manuela McLean from their recent training visit in the UK and what they said to EXCLUSIVELY to Espresso with Equicoach members and how you can access Espresso with Equicoach FREE!

August 25, 2018

Different. Being different. Embracing different. 

Hugh Jackman's globally successful epic film The Greatest Showman centres around being and accepting different. Being who we are meant to be, ourselves.  In this post-truth era, being truly yourself, filter free, fl...

July 1, 2018

Welcome to my new website.

I have fused EquiSci and Equicoach.Life so I can improve your experience with greater clarity and simplicity in one educational website... EquiSciCoach coming soon!

If you have followed me near or far over the past 7 years you kn...

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