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Everything you need to learn why, what and how to apply the latest in equitation science via weekly webinars, coaching videos , live 1-to-1 coaching and the support from horse lovers like you, plus much, much more…


Equicoach demystifies complexities of equitation with actionable, clear steps to help you overcome any frustrations, feelings of being overwhelmed and/or confusion, to be the trainer your horse would choose.


What ever stage of your relationship, level of horse or rider, learn how evidence based practices will give you confidence and skills to broaden your horse training toolkit and improve your relationship with your horse - in a safe, learning, fun community.


“Its really helpful to have the components broken down to train separately, thanks”


In Espresso with Equicoach you will learn how horses learn, when and how to apply the learning processes, optimising your horse’s well-being (mentally and physically) in-hand and under-saddle, current ways to apply the First Horse Training Principles, receive analysis and discussion of the latest news and research in horse training and make long lasting friendships


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