Pure Gold

September 11, 2018


Dr Andrew McLean and Manuela McLean have just spent the past 4 days in the UK, with Lisa Ashton, training the UK Mounted Police (branches from throughout the UK gathered at the Manchester Mounted Police) in addition Equitation Science International Director Manuela McLean delivered a 2 day clinic at the Blue Cross, Derbyshire at the weekend.


Lisa attended both events, receiving coaching and the latest update from Equitation Science International.  


Videos, lessons and special guests Dr McLean and Manuela in Espresso with Equicoach Live @ 5pm answering your questions is gold.  


"Thank you so much Andrew and Manuela and Lisa! Pure gold! So many insights - I'll be listening to playback again and again! And really looking forward to my lessons with Manuela on Saturday and Sunday!" 


Jane Charlton, Derbyshire


To get a sneak peak at the latest from the McLean's and Equitation Science International, message Lisa titled "GOLD" and see for yourself for 24hrs only all the added value Espresso with Equicoach members get each month. 


See you in Espresso,


Lisa x




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